Our lace front, Gypsy Girl wigs are created to give the most natural look possible on the market today. On lace front wigs, hair is tied to an oversized transparent lace band, allowing you to cut the lace and customize exactly the hairline for the wig that will look the best on YOU after it arrives.

Cutting the lace

Cutting the lace for your Gypsy Girl wig may seem like an intimidating task, but it’s so much easier than you think! You will want to trim the lace on your wig so that it blends seamlessly with your natural hairline and gives a flawless finish. Here’s how:

Cut the lace with your wig on your head with a tinkle razor or by simply holding the lace in your hand with the hair hanging down and only the lace exposed, for the most precision and visibility! 

The first thing to consider is where you’d like to cut your wig. We recommend that you cut the lace while the wig is on your head OR simply holding it in your hand with the hair hanging down and the lace in your hand so you can get a clear and clean cut on the lace closest to the hair line of the wig.

If this is your first time cutting lace, cutting it while the wig is on your head will allow you to have more control and precision as opposed to the other options. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, use the other recommended method of simply holding the lace in your hand and the hair flowing downward.

Tools for cutting the lace on your wig: 

Tinkle Razor (if cutting while on your head)




Small Brow Scissors (if cutting in your hand)




The best way to cut lace on a wig:

Start small! Work in waves, starting from the part.

Once you begin cutting the lace on your wig, the golden rule is to start small. You can always trim more lace, but you can never trim less than you’ve already cut. You may want to create a middle-part for your wig to make the cutting process easier. 

Begin cutting towards the middle of your hairline, or where a middle part would be. Work in wavy motions rather than cutting straight across. 

PLEASE NOTE: After you complete the lace cutting, hair from the wig will naturally shed as you have just cut hairs off of the wig which causes that hair to be brushed out and make it appear as if the wig is shedding like crazy, IT’S NOT, this is normal! Promise! 

Customize the perfect hairline for your wig as you go.

As you continue cutting the lace, use your best judgment on how close you’d like it to be to the hairline of the wig. Once you reach the side pieces closest to the ears, pull the lace taught and continue to cut in wavy motions. 

You will be able to see what looks best on you as you work, trimming to create the perfect look to frame your beautiful face!

We recommend not using a straight line to cut the lace. Using a jagged or wavy cut with help the hairline look the most natural.

That’s it! Easy peazy lace cutting. You can now wear your beautiful new wig anywhere, and show off a flawless, natural looking hairline.

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