How to wash a synthetic, blended, or human hair wig... the right way!

How to wash a synthetic, blended, or human hair wig... the right way!

Congratulations on purchasing your brand new wig!

Now that you have and love your gorgeous Rebel Gypsy wig, you will probably want to wear it every single day.

We get it, we promise. 

In order to make sure your wig stays in excellent shape and looking fresh and clean, it’s vital that you wash it. Washing your beautiful new wig can prevent it from getting oily, stiff, or dull after day-to-day wear, as well as remove the tangles that may have accumulated.

How often you need to wash your wig depends on how often you wear it and for how long, but the general rule of thumb is to wash it once it begins to get tangled and lose its shine.

The official Rebel Gypsy recommended method for easily and effectively cleaning your wig:

Step One: Container and Water

Using room temperature water, grab a large bowl or anything smooth that will hold your wig while allowing it to swirl around freely. 

Room temperature water is the most gentle on wigs. Try to avoid cold and hot water if possible. 

Filtered water is also preferred to keep colors looking genuine and beautiful.

Step Two: Selecting The Right Cleaning Agent For Your Wig Type

How to wash all Rebel Gypsy wigs:

Most of our Rebel Gypsy wigs are blends and can be washed gently with our Bohemian Bliss Shampoo and Wild Whispers Conditioner that was formulated and created specifically for our blended wigs as well as your own hair! It’s nourishing and sulfate free as well as animal cruelty free and will leave your wig and hair feeling fresh out of a salon! 


Fully immerse your wig in the bowl of warm water. Apply a small amount of the Bohemian Bliss shampoo and pat it through the hair gently. It is imperative not to use too much shampoo or else your wig will come out stiff. If unsure, start small and add more as needed while you’re washing your wig.

Once you have completely shampooed the wig and feel good about the cleanliness, submerge your wig. Swirl the wig gently around in the bowl and make sure it gets thoroughly rinsed. It’s important not to scrub your wig as you would clothing items as this will tangle the strands. Please also note that lace wigs are particularly delicate. The best way to ensure your wig gets clean is to swirl it around in the bowl rinsing with running water as necessary.

Refresh water in your bowl if that is the method you used.

After you have thoroughly rinsed the shampoo from your wig and the shampoo remnants are gone, you can then apply a small amount of Wild Whispers conditioner and evenly disburse throughout the wig. This will truly help to lock in a renewed softness. Let sit as you would with your own hair for about 5 minutes and then rinse the conditioner out completely.



Tips to remember as you wash your wig:

Be ESPECIALLY gentle with the delicate lace on the wig when you wash it

Drench the wig and gently lather. DO NOT SCRUB! Instead, swirl around. :)

Step Three: Air Drying Your Wig

Once your wig is washed and rinsed, let the air in a well-ventilated room work it’s magic on your wig. Never put it in the dryer or use a hair dryer, always let them air dry by hanging on a back of the door towel hook or something similar.  Allow it to completely dry before any wearing or styling.


Over The Door Hook, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Door Hanger


There you have it! A sparkling clean wig, good as new! Knowing the right way to wash your wig will keep your investment looking gorgeous and on point, for the long term.

For maintenance removal of oil patches around the hairline and effortless blending, try our Drizzle Dry Shampoo between washes Just spray on hair to renew and revive. Results in fuller, more voluminous hair and is great for all hair types, including Rebel Gypsy Wigs. 

dry shampoo


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